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Origin. A Walk through the theories of human evolution – Bleda y Rosa

17 June - 18 November

In The Origin of Species, Charles R. Darwin questions the biblical account and opens, in the nineteen century, the debate…

Workshop: Landscape cartography

9 July - 13 July

ARTIST’S WORKSHOP Adults The origin of humans and their expansion in the territory has been inscribed in a large temporal…

Discovering, playing and building

9 July - 13 July Ages: 6 - 13 with an adult

11 am to 2 pm Ages: 6 - 13 with an adult The idea of ​​this workshop is to put…

Inicia I: Scarecrow (’18)

16 July - 18 July

To obtain an excellent harvest, a good scarecrow is essential, since it protects all the vegetables in the garden. Also,…

We camp! 2018

19 July - 20 July >10 years old

VI edition of “Back to the past”. Outstanding Swedish archaeologist, Dr Svensson is back. At the operations’ camp, participants will…

Concert: Pajaro Sunrise

21 July

With an international trajectory of ten years that has taken him all over the world and after seeing his songs…

Early Birds

23 July - 27 July Ages: 6 - 12

11 am to 2 pm Ornithology is an ideal science to introduce children to the healthy and exciting world of…

Micronesia. A Place to Hold Us

23 July - 27 July Ages: 13 - 18

4 to 7 pm Micronesia is a performance workshop that is done with strings… or on a string… or over…

Listening to the Landscape

30 July - 3 August Adults

Reflections on the environment from a collective listening 4 to 7 pm "Silence: kind of mystery and undergrowth between spaces…

Encerezadas into the lab!

30 July - 2 August Ages: 8 - 13

11 am to 2 pm Can you imagine what DNA looks like? Do you know the symbiosis and why is…

Puppet Show: The Wooden Circus

3 August

Acrobats! Exotic animals! Clowns! A circus full of imagination, energy, perfect timing, and surprises. The show dazzles with secret special…

Puppet Workshop I: Jumping-Jacks

3 August Ages: 6 - 12

11 am to 2 pm Ages: 6 - 12 The jumping jack is a toy whose origins go back thousands…

Presentation: The Wind is Already Written

4 August

Poetic project based on writing and voice in the Nature By Jorge Pascual The wind is already written is a…

Inicia II: Bugs (’18)

6 August - 8 August

5.30 to 7 pm They are so small that they almost can not be seen and some camouflage themselves to…

Magic or Science?

6 August - 9 August Ages: 13 - 18

11 am to 2 pm We will build our own particle detector, discover the amazing world of superconductivity, electromagnetism, light…

Learn to use your telescope ’18

8 August

5 to 7 pm & 9 to 10.30 pm Registration required A family workshop to learn how to use your…

Summer Sky ’18: Perseids

9 August

22 pm. Suitable for all audiences. No registration required We will learn to distinguish stars, planets, artificial satellites or airplanes…

Astrophotography for beginners ’18

9 August Ages: > 16

5 to 8 pm & 10 to 12 pm Thanks to the collaboration of expert astrophotographers, we will know the…

Puppet Show: The Painters

10 August

The Painters tells the story of three pigeons who, although they have not feathered as adults, wish to run the…

Puppet Workshop II: A Puppet and its Story

10 August Ages: 6 - 12

11 am to 2 pm Ages: 6 - 12 Participants will create a paper puppet. Then they’ll learn how to…

Concert: Noa Lur Quintet

11 August

Voice: Noa Lur Piano and rhodes: Moisés Sánchez / David Sancho Double bass and electric bass: Ander García Drums: Alberto…

Concert: Noa Lur Quintet

11 August

Voice: Noa Lur Piano and rhodes: Moisés Sánchez / David Sancho Double bass and electric bass: Ander García Drums: Alberto…

The Sound in Cinema

13 August - 17 August Ages: > 16

4 to 7 pm The workshop will present the different areas within the sound post production phase of a film,…

CoderDojo Encerezados ’18

13 August - 17 August Ages: 8 - 12

11 am to 2 pm CoderDojo is a coding club for young people created in Ireland in 2011, aimed at…

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