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Puppet workshop I: A rod-puppet!

2 August

We will build an articulated rod-puppet in linden wood, using simple tools. This rod-puppet will bring us closer to the…

Dance of the puppets

2 August

Flemish, from Flanders, Mieke and Chris Geris present an original and beautiful spectacle of handmade wooden puppet dancers that come…

The Bpb Collective

3 August

High saxophone and composition: Irene Reig Voice: Marta Garrett Trumpet: Oriol Vallès Trombone: Alba Pujals Tenor sax: Héctor Floría Double…

Onion, carrot, ashes and coffee. Natural dye workshop.

5 August - 9 August

Introductory workshop to the techniques of natural dyes. We will use nearby products that we can find without difficulty in…

Looking up and down at the same time

5 August - 8 August

Cirrus, strata, cumulus, ... we will make a large cloud (cloud collection) painting with extracts and dyes of plants from…

Learn to use your telescope

7 August

Assemble and handle that telescope you have in your storage room. We teach you how to take advantage of it…

Summer sky: Perseids

8 August

Summer sky gives us a unique opportunity in the year for observation. We will learn how to distinguish stars, planets,…

Puppet workshop II: A balloon?

9 August

After enjoying a brief presentation, we will learn how to create figures and puppets with balloons. We will play with…

Chinese tradition

9 August

The show includes the three main styles of traditional puppets in China: puppets, glove and rod puppets, skillfully animated to…

Land of women

9 August

Based on the author's family histories and reflections on science and literature resulting from her readings, Land of women is…

Carrera de orientación

10 August

5 pm: Orienteering Games: Urban Tour Children of all ages The race will consist on a path in line, following…

Slow is possible

10 August

Violoncello: André Pontífice High saxofone: Bruno Figueira Drums: Duarte Fonseca Guitar: João Clemente Piano: Nuno Santos Dias Double bass: Ricardo…

Inicia III: Build (’19)

12 August - 14 August

How it was the house we live in built? And how about the bridge we use to cross the river?…

Candela Theatre Group

14 August

The old lady tells us how the city of Güllen is in crisis. Their companies are ruined. There is no…

Blue and the colours’ revolution

16 August

Ants see in black and white, that's why for their companions, Azul is another black ant. For herself too. However,…

Ermanno Panta & Banda Zeitun

17 August

Voice, flute y saxophone: Ermanno Panta Drums: Cote Calmet Bass: Thomas Moore Guitar: Mario Alonso The compositions of Ermanno Panta…

Introduction, strip, outcome

19 August - 23 August

We will learn all the ins and outs of the creation of a graphic novel, from the initial idea to…

Adventure at the garden

19 August - 23 August

The garden is a simplified natural space that offers an excellent opportunity to get in contact with nature, as well…

The secret of the world’s strongest man

23 August

The Great Tatán Circus is in a flat and windy country. It is a small and familiar circus, but extraordinary…


24 August

Soprano & tenor saxophone: Julen Izarra Double bass: Jon Piris Drums: Hasier Oleaga Trizak trio proposes improvised music as a…

Advanced photography

26 August - 30 August

In this year’s workshop, we will study some of the essential connections of the photographic language such as: the trace,…

Fantastic factory

26 August - 30 August

In this workshop you will be able to invent and illustrate stories. We will be helped by the book Grammar…

Workshop: Constructing Absence. Extra-Local

1 September - 8 September

Aimed at Architecture Students Workshop exploring the act of making, materials, construction and politics in the context of rural Spain…

2CO Everyday: International Design Conference

14 September

FCAYC hosts the upcoming International Design Conference: 2CO Everyday “Communicating Complexity”. It aims at addressing the exciting interdisciplinary challenges that…

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