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Sixth Extinction – Atlas about absent biodiversity

1 June - 31 October

We are facing a mass extinction in progress, global in nature, similar in intensity to the one that exterminated dinosaurs.…

Programming of data visualizations

15 July - 19 July

Data visualization is a hybrid discipline that combines visual design, interaction design and programming. Its aim is manipulating and representing…

We camp! 2019

18 July - 19 July

New edition of "Back to the past". Outstanding Swedish archaeologist Dr. Svensson is back. At the operations’ camp, participants will…

Camouflage: Body and Earth

22 July - 26 July

Camouflage is the concealment or dissimulation of something so that it is not seen. Using the body as a tool…

Weavers: from the maxi-loom to the maxi-embroidery

22 July - 26 July

The art of weaving is one of the oldest known craft activities and, although our region has a huge wool…

Extra local

24 July - 10 September

Open sessions: 24th of July: community design and participation workshop I 2nd September: open class of 3D scanning and photogrammetry…

Inicia II: Listen (’19)

29 July - 31 July

Our environment is full of sounds. The street, the countryside, our house, the school,... all of them have their own…

Our pioneer

29 July - 1 August

In the workshop Our Pioneer we will explore the origins of electrosound music through its female representatives. We will investigate…

Puppet workshop I: A rod-puppet!

2 August

We will build an articulated rod-puppet in linden wood, using simple tools. This rod-puppet will bring us closer to the…

Onion, carrot, ashes and coffee. Natural dye workshop.

5 August - 9 August

Introductory workshop to the techniques of natural dyes. We will use nearby products that we can find without difficulty in…

Looking up and down at the same time

5 August - 8 August

Cirrus, strata, cumulus, ... we will make a large cloud (cloud collection) painting with extracts and dyes of plants from…

Learn to use your telescope

7 August

Assemble and handle that telescope you have in your storage room. We teach you how to take advantage of it…

Puppet workshop II: A balloon?

9 August

After enjoying a brief presentation, we will learn how to create figures and puppets with balloons. We will play with…

Inicia III: Build (’19)

12 August - 14 August

How it was the house we live in built? And how about the bridge we use to cross the river?…

Introduction, strip, outcome

19 August - 23 August

We will learn all the ins and outs of the creation of a graphic novel, from the initial idea to…

Adventure at the garden

19 August - 23 August

The garden is a simplified natural space that offers an excellent opportunity to get in contact with nature, as well…

Advanced photography

26 August - 30 August

In this year’s workshop, we will study some of the essential connections of the photographic language such as: the trace,…

Fantastic factory

26 August - 30 August

In this workshop you will be able to invent and illustrate stories. We will be helped by the book Grammar…

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