•_• Weaving Threads

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19 March, 2021 - 11 June, 2021


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Cultura contemporánea

•_• Weaving Threads

19 March, 2021 - 11 June, 2021

Embroider, from Anglo-French enbrouder, refers to the action of drawing on fabric by stitching with a needle. This simple exercise of bordering through points and lines, contours that define shapes and spellings, can be perceived in itself as a narrative act: the action of passing and weaving threads as a form of writing.


• _ • is a proposal of story-creation through embroidery. We’ll start with free stitches and gradually adapt our textile line to the weave of the fabric, discovering fill points, turns, backs, the spaces between the lines, knots and nets on blank canvases. Counting and telling; remembering, treating time at a different pace.


No experience needed: we’ll start from scratch (giving instructions on how to thread a needle…) We will walk, then, through the landscape from A to Z.

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