“Apostando por el territorio: Mujeres rurales, presente y futuro”

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4 March, 2011
Friday, March 4th, 2011 8pm Fundación Cerezales Antonino y Cinia


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“Apostando por el territorio: Mujeres rurales, presente y futuro”

4 March, 2011

The film depicts the good practices carried out by women who have chosen to stay in rural areas in order to develop original and sustainable projects connected to food and agriculture together with other activities aimed at diversifying local economies.

Several women explain the reasons behind their decision to settle in a rural area and the difficulties they have had to overcome. During the film, these women refer to issues such as gender equality, reconciling family and work, and their future.
Production: MER.CO.DES S.L.
Direction: Manuel Redondo
Production design: HD Studio on-line
Script: Pedro Gómez and Nuria Dufour
Editor: Ministerio de Medio Ambiente and Medio Rural y Marino (the Ministry for the Environment)



Marisa Rodríguez. Representative of the Monte de Tabuyo Cooperative

“Monte de Tabuyo”is a cooperative dedicated to the transformation of mushrooms, set up by women who started their own company in order to bring the products they harvest in Tabuyo to other people. They care about the products they produce, products which normally end up as tinned food or in high quality dishes. Their work is based on total control of the production process and they sow, grow, harvest and cook all the products themselves.

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