Archipiélago. Luis Gordillo

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Archipiélago. Luis Gordillo

10 April, 2011

The exhibition includes 26 pieces which represent the most recent work of this Seville artist. Using digital tools, the artist has created a set of contrasts within a series of images: a complex production process in which he uses as many as twenty coloured screens for each work. The result is different spaces which, as art critic Fernando Castro says: “vibrate or optically annoy”.
We are immersed in a collection of graphic works which bear witness to a profound, intimate investigation, and where colour and shape are prominent and full of meaning.  Through twelve silk screens and a rich and complex language, akin to the premises of psychoanalysis, the author gives full rein to his obsessions and uncertainties. Along with these twelve pieces, fourteen monotype prints reveal to us the creative process the artist went through in order to achieve the final products, the silk screens.
“Archipelago” evokes a set of elements which share the same scenario and intention, just as an archipelago is formed by a set of islands which share the same purpose and are united as one in the open sea. These pieces are a demonstration of his visual criterion, based on the alteration, reconstruction and sequential rearrangement of images.
The exhibition offers us a map full of superimpositions, discordant perspectives, plays on scale, tensions and folds which create organic shapes bursting with rhythm. In the words of David Barro “You can feel the colours clashing in “Archipelago”, the joy of pulling shapes apart and making them vibrate as if they themselves were the owners of a biomorphic naturalism, paradoxically artificial and yet without doubt plastically related to pop”.

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