Being fox, stone, tree

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15 June, 2022 - 17 June, 2022

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Type of audience: Adultos



Being fox, stone, tree

15 June, 2022 - 17 June, 2022

June 15, 16 and 17

Adults from 16 years old

With Agnès Baldomà Bernaduca


Linen, wool, water, earth, mauve, iron, needle, hands, wicker. Everything we need to build our second skin, one that covers us and respects our bodies. A skin that connects us and invites us to discover ourselves from the collectivity of being nature.


Born as a natural evolution of “Looking up and down at the same time”, this proposal is aimed at all those interested in weaving, sewing, textile self-production, experimentation at all ages, collective work and outdoor experiences.



Being fox, stone, tree is one of the activations proposed as part of the exhibition What Can Be Seen from Here, where landscape, crafts and the free experimentation of the human being form the backbone of this exhibition-workshop created by Antonio Ballester Moreno and the FCAYC team.


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