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10 August, 2019
5 to 9 pm

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Type of audience: All audiences


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Carrera de orientación

10 August, 2019

5 pm: Orienteering Games: Urban Tour

Children of all ages
The race will consist on a path in line, following the order of the controls, around the streets of Cerezales del Condado. During the race, participants should find the markers indicated on their map in the shortest possible time.
Easy and fun activity to get started in the orienteering sport.

6.30pm: Registration and gathering for the race

Inscription fee: 1 euro
Suitable for all audiences. Children under 8 must be accompanied by an adult.

Modality: orienteering rogaine.
The aim will be adding the highest possible score in 1 hour. Each beacon has a score according to its distance and/or difficulty. Strategy plays an important role here.

7:00 pm: Starting line

Organized by:
This race is organized in collaboration with the Club ALCON Orientación, which has been promoting the sport of orienteering in the province of León since 1990, through workshops and races of different levels, both popular, school and federated. At a competitive level, the club participates in regional and national competitions.

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