Lectures: “Cabins to think”

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20 February, 2015 - 21 February, 2015


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Cultura contemporánea

Lectures: “Cabins to think”

20 February, 2015 - 21 February, 2015

In the context of the current exhibition in FCAYC (until 1st March), these lectures aim to contribute with different theoretical and aesthetic approaches to the idea of creating under retreat and isolation conditions.

Friday, 20th February 2015
“On retreat”.
By Alberto Ruiz de Samaniego.
Full Professor of Aesthetics and Art Theory at the University of Vigo and former Director of the Luís Seoane Foundation of A Coruña (2008-2011), cultural critic and exhibition curator. In 2007, he was curator of the Spanish Pavilion at the 52nd Edition of the Venice Art Biennale. Among his The Paintings of M. A. Antonioni, Roland Topor, etc. He is curator of FCAYC current exhibition: “Cabins to think”.

“Design at the Time of the Anthropocene: Spaces for Cosmopolitical Thinking”.
By Albena Yaneva
Professor of Architectural Theory and director of the Manchester Architecture Research Centre (MARC) at the University of Manchester, United Kingdom. She is also a Visiting Professor at Princeton School of Architecture. She is the author of several books: The Making of a Building (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2009), Made by the OMA: An Ethnography of Design (Rotterdam: 010 Publishers, 2009), and Mapping Controversies in Architecture (Ashgate 2012) and editor (with Alejandro Zaera-Polo) of What is Cosmopolitical Design? (Ashgate 2015). Yaneva is the recipient of the RIBA President’s award for outstanding research (2010). Her research is intrinsically transdisciplinary and crosses the boundaries of science studies, cognitive anthropology, architectural theory and political philosophy.

(From 15:45 to 16:50, guided tour around the construction of new headquarters of FCAYC. Max. 20 people)

Saturday, 21st February 2015
 “The little hawse, the architect and the machine: more cabins of modernity”
By Juan Calatrava.
Ph.D. in Art History and graduate in Law at University of Granada. He has been University Chair Professor of Architecture History at E.T.S. Arquitectura of Technical University of Madrid. Currently he is professor of Architectural Composition at E.T.S. Arquitectura of Granada University. Art curator.

Strindberg in his cabin”.
By Miguel Copón.
Bachelor`s degree in Fine Arts at University of Salamancawith major in Aesthetics at Autonomous University of Madrid. Ph.D. in Philosophy. University professor of aesthetics at Autonomous University of Madrid and Complutense University at the Master Degree of Aesthetics and arts practice. Director of the university radio and Culture Coordinator in Luis Vives Residence Hall. His works deal with general aesthetics and music aesthetic.

“A reflection on the transdisciplinary creation: the laboratory as an artistic atelier.
By Mónica Bello.
Art curator. Artistic Director of VIDA, Art and artificial Life International Awards.
Head of education programmes of Laboral Centro de Arte (Gijón,). Co-founder of Capsula, a platform for curatorial research in arts. Science and Nature. Co- creator of Res-qualia and curator of Taxonomias (Comafosca Centre d’Art e Pensament, Alella), Days of Bioart (Art Santa Mònica, Barcelona), Neurotica (CCCB, Barcelona, and Intermediae Matadero, Madrid), Biorama (Digital Research Unit, Huddersfield, UK), among others.

(From 13:00 to 14:00, guided tour around the construction of new headquarters of FCAYC. Max. 20 people)

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