Company: Brujerías de papel (Italy – Mexico)

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13 August, 2010

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Cultura contemporánea

Company: Brujerías de papel (Italy – Mexico)

13 August, 2010

Director: María Teresa Trentín

Suitable for all audiences

María Teresa Trentín (Italy) and Edwin Salas met and joined their experiences in Mexico in 1998 where they went on a tour and organised workshops on puppet making in the indigenous and poor areas of the country. In 2000, they founded in Italy the cultural association Brujerias de Papel.

Every performance is a magic moment where puppets and dolls are brought to life inspired by the fantastic stories of the Latin American tradition.
Actors are fully exposed and participate of the emotions and adventures of the characters. Despite of being made of wood, these puppets carry a soul and a defined personality as a result of the combination of two worlds and thus defining and identifying the company’s productions.

In the last years, they have participated in international festivals in Italy, Spain, France, Switzerland, Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Colombia, Cuba and Taiwan.


In 1874, Russian composer Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky composed the suite for pianoforte “Paintings in an Exhibition”, orchestrated in 1922 by Maurice Ravel. The piece, inspired by a posthumous exhibition of friend painter Viktor Hartmann, introduces ten pieces united to the predominant theme of the composition Promenade.

The musical illustration of the paintings is both bold and innovative in its integral version and it is the conducting plot in this play. Paintings are animated, characters leave the frame and gain life to surprise and accompany the spectator throughout this sound dream and lead him to encounter everyday situations and magical creatures. We will enter the Old Castle, stroll through Limoges Market and find ourselves in front of the great Kiev Door…

This harmonious chain of emotions, refined comedy, poetry and the sound of pianoforte is accompanied by the theatrical execution of the different paintings and gives a voice to each emotion while breathing within each puppet.

In 2002 it was opened along with pianist Andrea Carlassara in Treviso, Italy. In 2009, the play opened the Sinaloa Arts Festival with the handling of puppets in charge of Delta theatre group and music by Symphonic Orchestra of Sinaloa under the direction of Gordon Campbell.

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