Company: Yheppa Títeres (Spain)

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20 August, 2010

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Cultura contemporánea

Company: Yheppa Títeres (Spain)

20 August, 2010

Play: “La magia del agua”.

Aimed at children between 4 and 8 and famiies.

Author: Diana Marcos; Direction: Carlos Díez

Coreography: Lucia Meana

Handling: Diana Marcos; Design: Yheppa

Clothing: Yolanda González.

Since its inception in 1990, company Yheppa has been developed as a research and experimental collective using different mediums of expression that are interconnected and shape the scenic arts.
Sound, music, words, light and darkness, the language of the objects, puppets and the body.

The company has received the following awards:

Special International Jury Prize “For Art and Education” 12th World Festival of Puppets Art Prague 2008. Prague, Czech Republic, 2008.

It has participated in the following festivals:

Bilbao International Puppet Festival
FETEN. Gijón
Festival para la Infancia y la Juventud. León
Santiago de Compostela Festival
EU Theatre Arts for Children and Young People Festival. In a Vertical Tour of Japan. Japan,
9th Istambul Uluslararasi Ülker Kuala Festival. Istambul, Turkey, 2006.
Bengala Festival. Venezuela, 2006.
Bilbao International Puppet Festival. 2007.
Titiriteños. 1st Puppeteer International Festival. San Nicolás de los Arroyos, Argentina, 2007.
Niño Campesino International Puppet Festival. Córdoba, Argentina 2007.
11th International Winter Festival. El Teatrito. La Plata. Argentina 2007.
13th Festitíteres. International Festival 2007. Mar del Plata, Argentina 2007. Querétaro. México, 2007.
14th Festibaúl International Puppet Festival. Monterrey, N.L., México 2007.
Pedro Carrión International Festival. Chihuahua Culiacán, Sinaloa, México, 2008.
12th Word Festival of Puppets Art Prague 2008. Prague, Czech Republic, 2008.
Bangkok Fringe Festival. Bangkok, Thailand. 2008.
18th International Puppet Festival  La Fanfarria. Medellín, Colombia. 2009.
13th Pedro Carrión International Festival in Culiacán. Sinaloa, Mexico. 2009
UPA al Teatro 2010. Iquique. Chile 2010.


The magic of water travels into the theatre and drop by drop creates its stories.
A character is born from movement. It is magically transformed and rises from a fountain to transports us to a world of play where objects shaped like two raindrops, an umbrella and a washing up bowl bring us closer to the myriad of forms of the precious liquid. This is a story of magic, friendship, the beauty of the universe but also a story of greed and generosity. The value of water is the value of one’s own life.
Yheppa brings to the scene a performance for children between 4 and 8 years and families filled with dark light, dancing, magic, acting, puppets, objects and image projection.

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