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27 August, 2010

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Cultura contemporánea

Company: Zur Teatro (Spain)

27 August, 2010

Play: “Tales of a Seagull”.

Adapted and directed by: Julia Ruiz

The company was established in the city of Granada in September 2001 by its director Andrés Leyton. Up until then and ever since its initial conception in May 1997, the company worked under the name of “ChilenoTeatro” and was particularly oriented towards theatrical works for an adult audience.
Nowadays its artistic offer has been extended by the inclusion of the show “Tale of a Seagull and the Cat that Taught it to Fly”, adapted and directed by Julia Ruiz.

As a company Zur Teatro has been invited to perform in many international festivals and cultural programmes, including the following:

* Atarfe Book Fair. Granada, April 2008.
* IV Music and Theatre Campaign for Schools. Teatrícola 2008.
* “Salesian School”. Granada, May 2008.
* Schools Campaign. Santa Fé House of Culture. Granada, May 2008.
* “The auditorium for the kids”. The Auditorium, San Lorenzo del Escorial. Madrid, July 2008.
* “The Museum in the Summer”. Almeria Archaeological Museum. July 2008.
* “Three Kings Festival – Granada Medical School” Congress Palace. Granada. January 2009.
* “XVIII Granada Book Fair”. Fuente de las Batallas. Granada, April 2009.
* “VI Comodoro Rivadavia Puppets Festival” Argentina. August 2009.
* “XIII Northeast Chubut Puppets Festival”. Chubut, Argentina, August 2009.
* “VI Neuquén Puppets Festival”. Argentina, August 2009.
* “ XXV International Puppets Fair” Albaldia, Spain. November 2009.


“Tale of a Seagull” talks about the negative way in which we humans treat the world around us, causing damage to nature and to ourselves at the same time.
The story relates the adventures of a cat that undertakes to bring up a baby seagull. Trapped and dying in an oil slick in the sea, the mother seagull hands over to the cat the egg that she has just laid. The cat keeps his word and not only will he raise the little chick but he will also teach it to fly. The cat’s friends will help him carry out this not so simple task… it’s not easy being the father of a little orphan seagull.
Educational Considerations

• Encourage environmental awareness in our social milieu.
• Accept and love someone different to us.
• Commit to a cause until we’ve done what we promised to do.
• The sense of honour.
• Team work.
• Friendship as a value.

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