Concert Miguel Bonal

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26 December, 2021

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Concert Miguel Bonal

26 December, 2021

From silence to emotion

Viola da gamba


FCAYC Auditorium

Emotion is in everything we do, see and hear, that we are able to assimilate as a memory and that we keep in the deepest part of our being. This is how we can conceive, according to interpretation, part of the cultural heritage that has survived to the present day. Our capacity to be moved by beauty is conditioned by our experiences and our cultural codes, which is why it is both a challenge and satisfaction to recognise ourselves in cultural manifestations conceived for people so distant in time. The genius of artistic creation lies in reflecting the fleetingness of specific moments, but also in reflecting on universal questions. It is this capacity of much baroque music that makes us feel challenged by it. In this case, as the instrument with the tessitura most similar to the human voice, the viola da gamba acts as a direct interlocutor, connecting us with the passions of the soul of 17th-century listeners.




Tobias Hume. First book of Ayres – A soldier’s Gaillard; Loves Farewell

Georg Philipp Telemann. Fantasía no6, TWV 40:31

Karl Friedrich Abel. Manuscrito Drexel 5871 – Andante, Allegro, Minueto 

Georg Philipp Telemann. Sonata para viola sola, TWV 40:1

Marin Marais. Deuxième libre de pièces de viole – Les voix humaines

Karl Friedrich Abel. Manuscrito Drexel 5871 – Arpeggiata

Georg Philipp Telemann. Fantasía no11, TWV 40:36

Johann Sebastian Bach. Suite para violoncello no2, BWV 1008 


Concierto organizado con la colaboración de la Red de Músicas de Juventudes Musicales de España

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