Concert: Natsuko Sugao Group

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9 August, 2014

Concert: Natsuko Sugao Group

9 August, 2014

Natsuko Sugao (trumpet and flugelhorn)
Gonzalo Levin (tenor sax and flute)
Dario García  (trombone)
Ivan Gonzales (french horn)
Toni Vaquer (piano)
Enric Peinado (guitar)
Marc Cuevas  (double bass)
Josema Martín (drums)

Sakura is the musical project of Natsuko Sugao Group, lead by Barcelona-based trumpeter Natsuko Sugao. The core of this work is the suite Colores which tries to remove the barriers among classical music and jazz and adds the color of Japanese music. Based on jazz and swing, Natsuko introduces all her personal background in a journey to some of the most intriguing landscapes in the timeless Japan. A colorful suite with seasonal colors: the blossom of the cherry trees; a summer of traditional celebrations; a red dragonfly flying during the rural autumn; the winter sea as a personal evocation…


The project also includes two more Japan inspired compositions, taking Natsuko Sugao Group’s sound to new territories. The Island, with a melody that reflects the wind running through a blue sky, and Tsukishima, a look into a neighborhood in Tokio where modern and old try to survive. Joc, Toni Vaquer’s present to Natsuko, and the beautiful Hakura, dedicated to her nephew, are the final touch.


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