Echoes. Workshop on sound improvisation

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27 December, 2021 - 29 December, 2021


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Educación y Programas Públicos

Echoes. Workshop on sound improvisation

27 December, 2021 - 29 December, 2021

December 27, 28 & 29
From 11am to 1:30om
Children aged between 7 & 13 years old

In this workshop we will play with the voice, we will make strange noises and we will listen to the sounds of our environment. We will improvise in groups in different places: a classroom, a corridor, a corner of a storeroom, an empty room. We will play with musical instruments and with objects we can find at home. And we’ll do it all together, from different locations, trying to hear the echo. Let’s see what happens!

Improvisation is part of all musical cultures. Much of the music we listen to and sing was improvised by someone at some point, then passed on by word of mouth. It is a process that starts from intuition and listening to what surrounds us, it is different in every place; it is the primordial form of creation, which does not require knowing how to read or write a score. Improvising allows us to invent sounds and talk to others without words.

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