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25 July, 2016 - 29 July, 2016
4 to 7 pm

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Type of audience:

Age: Ages: 6 - 12



25 July, 2016 - 29 July, 2016

EmoSounds. Musical education through emotions, art and nature

25th to 29th July

4 to 7 pm

Ages: 6-12 years old

Run by Paula Padierna.   

Music, emotions, art, colours and nature are the pillars of this workshop. Music has been defined as the language of emotions because of the close relation they share and because they are the very essence of the process of creation. Thus, in each session, we are going to focus on an specific emotion thanks to its representation in art history and on our imagination, which is going to build a new story from a certain artwork. We are also going to associate the emotion with a colour and try to find the emotion’s tonal colour to connect it with particular music. We are going to sing guided by violin sounds. We are going to build instruments and play them. We will dance to the rhythm of music and also will use music to relax. We are going to work on four qualities of music: duration, pitch, intensity and timbre. Finally, we are going to take walks to perceive sounds of nature and discover the sensations transmitted by them and how to learn from all it.


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