Farming: Fertile soil. Compost workshop

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7 November, 2020 - 28 November, 2020

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Farming: Fertile soil. Compost workshop

7 November, 2020 - 28 November, 2020

With José Luis Morán Díez (Agricultural and Rural Engineer) of “Sigue la huella verde”

Saturdays, November 7 and 28
From 16:00 to 18:00

In this workshop, we will present alternatives for recycling organic matter such as composting and vermicomposting and we will promote the use of ecological agricultural practices and sustainable gardening.

The objective is to raise awareness of the need to recycle all organic waste that we generate in society and of the relevance of our daily habits.

To do this, in the first session, we will make a compost bin with reused material and it will be put into operation using the vegetable waste of the Foundation’s garden. We will also make a heap-type composting area. In the second session, we will monitor and maintain both areas, and make a didactic vermicomposter to recycle organic waste through worms.

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