Footnotes: Propuesta para un taller de mapas colectivos

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Footnotes: Propuesta para un taller de mapas colectivos

8 July, 2017

6 pm

On the occasion of Hamish Fulton’s exhibition Walking on and off the Path at FCAYC, a publication entitled Footnotes has been published, with texts by several authors and a graphic intervention by the artist. The book serves as an approximation to the practice of walking from the point of view of poetry, paleontology, geography, aesthetics or art theory. This activity, guided by one of its authors, complements and implements these texts. It is a practical exercise of sensitization that investigates the perceptive and emotional aspects with which we build landscape when walking. The goal is to better understand the relationship of the body with its environment and to become aware of how and under what patterns we organize sensory information. We will take a walk in which one will be the guide and another the experimenter to try to be aware of all the sensations we perceive and put them in common on sensory maps.

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