Herbarium Autumn-Winter: the return of the lethargy

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19 September, 2019 - 13 December, 2019

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Herbarium Autumn-Winter: the return of the lethargy

19 September, 2019 - 13 December, 2019

During these sessions (a continuation of Spring sessions), which last to the end of the year, we are delving into seeds, fruits and activities that relate to the cold temperatures of this time of the year, when plants complete their cycles and rural inhabitants stay at home sewing or sharing other activities typical of these everyday shorter days.

Recipes will be cooked and objects prepared, as usual, using vegetal resources in the area. Entries of different seeds will be collected and prepared, to be deposited in the local bank. We will investigate colors of our surroundings to discover the pantone scale of Cerezales del Condado. A different herbarium technique, through blueprints, will be discovered, inspired by the work of botanist Anna Atkins.

4th session: September 19th-20th

5th session: October 10th-11th

6th session: December 13th

Filandón: December 20th

Open session to share the acquired knowledge, discuss the value of ethno-botanic, wild plants and ancestral knowledge, their role in our society and solutions for the future. In this session some of the objects and knowledge created during the program and herbarium sheets will be shown.

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