IMD 18: Visit the exhibition without leaving Instagram

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18 May, 2018
7pm on Instagram @antoninoycinia


Type of audience: All audiences


Educación y Programas Públicos

IMD 18: Visit the exhibition without leaving Instagram

18 May, 2018

For the International Museum Day, the Foundation Cerezales Antonino y Cinia offers a live guided tour through Instagram to its current exhibition: “REGIÓN (The Narratives). Changes in Landscape and the Politics of Water“, carried out by one of its co-curators, Bruno Marcos.

The participants in the live will see, without leaving home, some of the most interesting pieces of the exhibition and be able to ask questions directly to the curator.

The exhibition deals with the issue of the construction of bid dams in the world and its economic, social, political and environmental consequences. It allows us to know, through more than 200 elements of different nature, the reality of two dams in the province of León: the Porma Reservoir and Riaño Reservoir.

From pictorial works to archaeological remains, personal archive material, press of the time, engineering plans, unpublished expropriation records, documentaries broadcasted on television, centenary agricultural education books, films, posters or photographs, as well as the work of several outstanding artists that have recently reflected on the subject.

The visit is especially aimed at the young audience, but anyone who wants to join our live will be welcome.

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