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INICIA 2015.

3 May, 2016

Talleres didácticos para niños de 3 a 5 años.

Inicia I. 6th – 8th July (6 to 7.30 pm)
The Scarecrow
Like every summer, we will build the traditional scarecrow of Cerezales. During three days we will be immersed in activities to know every detail of our dear friend and, eventually, we will place him on the garden where he will take care of our plants.

Inicia II. 13th – 15th July (6 to 7.30 pm)
Workshop based on Lupo System, designed by the architect Fermín Blanco. This system allows an easy approach to architecture by means of different constructions made by assembling pieces. Using 7 geometric units we will discover the basic building structures in 2 and 3 dimensions. This is a workshop where children will learn while playing and working as a team.

Inicia III. 27th – 29th July (6 to 7.30 pm)
Tales from Russian Far East

The Amur Tiger, as the Udegei named it, was the reason Álvaro Laiz (photographer) started a journey to Primorje, in East Russia. During his journey he has sent news to us using a travel journal entitled “El Cazador” (The Hunter). In this workshop we will work with the exhibition topics, entering the world of photography and building our own visual narratives.

Inicia IV. 10th – 12th August (6 to 7.30 pm)
Small Data Dance
Data visualization is a discipline that uses graphics to explain information in an easy way. The workshop seeks to familiarise children and their families with this methodology so they can understand the processes of creating tangible visualizations of information using diverse materials.
We will document the process dancing different music styles and using a range of colours and rhythms. Each participant will design his/her own visualization, choosing a colour for every music style. Then they will paint their feet with that colour and try to reproduce the dancing moves on a large piece of paper so the others can identify them and join the dance.

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