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11 February, 2022


Type of audience: Adultos



Análisis del contexto


11 February, 2022


Active group


Transversal research group promoted by the Omaña y Luna Biosphere Reserve and in the framework of collaboration with our institution.


The initiative aims to rethink in a transdisciplinary way the new possible imaginaries for the bee pollen that coexist in our territories. This group is made up of beekeepers, researchers, scientists, artists, designers and educators, and our interest is to generate a space for the exchange of knowledge between beekeeping, flora and applied artistic techniques in order to generate new resources beyond their traditional uses.

All members of the group have previous experiences that converge in this new space, being especially relevant the previous research on pollen reading in relation to the flora of the territory, applications in other contexts such as the educational project “Guardians of the biosphere” with the CRA of Riello, and the analysis of the consequences of climate change in mountain environments in the beekeeping activity.

This project is developed within the framework of collaboration that both institutions share and whose previous experiences provide a new space for exchange and mutual growth.


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