Puppet Show: Stories with no Rhyme or Reason

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11 August, 2017
Cerezales del Condado's main square. 9 pm

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Type of audience: Todos los públicos


Cultura contemporánea

Puppet Show: Stories with no Rhyme or Reason

11 August, 2017

Company: Teatro Libre del Sur (Patagonia, Argentina)


Stories with no Rhyme or Reason is the story of Fenelon, a clown who dreams to be a singer, and lives and works in the Circus of Don Vermichelli, an old Italian immigrant. An everyday situation triggers a chain of events where, and without pretending it, with the participation of the other members of this worn circus, will make Fenelon build a bridge between his universe and Don Vermichelli’s, which will bring them closer to the releasing of their dreams. Little by little, this play has become a classic of the glove puppet theater in Argentina.

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