Puppet show: The Forest in a Suitcase

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12 August, 2016
9 pm Cerezales del Condado's main square

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Todos los públicos

Cultura contemporánea

Puppet show: The Forest in a Suitcase

12 August, 2016

Company: Teatro dei Fauni. Locarno, Switzerland

Author: Santuzza Oberholzer and Vrene Ryser

Puppeteer: Santuzza Oberholzer


Once upon a time, a woman lived in a forest and ate its fruits. When she rested covered by tree shades, she used to watch how clouds crossed the branches. They told about long journeys. In winter, when wind used to come with cold needles, she did not know where to go, she got no home. Then, she used to take shelter in a cave and tell herself a tale: The story of the dragon in search of love.

One day, she had a look through the cave’s door to realise that the forest was gone. Trees were gone. Fast, she put her books in a suitcase and left in search of it.

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