Puppet show: The Moon as Witness

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5 August, 2016
9 pm. Cerezales del Condado's main square

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Type of audience: Todos los públicos


Cultura contemporánea

Puppet show: The Moon as Witness

5 August, 2016

Company: Agarrate Catalina. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Directed by: Sergio Ponce

Techniques: Glove, table puppet, objets


Stories happen everywhere, even in the most unexpected places. These stories happen during the same night, under a clear sky and a first quarter moon, which is going to witness everything. Romualdo is in love. He decides to take the moon and give it to Rosaura, his lovely girlfriend, as a symbol of his love. Almost at the same time, a painter, who is sick of not having ideas, chooses the moon as a model.

Their encounter will allow us to learn the importance of natural cycles in people’s lives,  and that the most valuable way to show love is by being yourself.

On the same night, under the ground, a little goblin tries to get some sleep. But it seems everything is against it and it is going to be hard! But he, as well, is going to learn a lot about natural cycles.

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