Sequence V: Trio Zukan, Hara Alonso and the Engine Room of Sahelices de Sabero

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14 May, 2022
7 PM


Type of audience: Todos los públicos



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Sequence V: Trio Zukan, Hara Alonso and the Engine Room of Sahelices de Sabero

14 May, 2022

One of the first places that came to mind when we started thinking about SEQUENCES was the machine room of the Well Herrera I, in Sahelices de Sabero. This carved stone building, built in 1930, was part of a refurbishment of Herrera I, which in 1912 had been the first vertical well in the province of León.

More than a year ago, we began conversations to investigate the potential sonorities of this place with Trio Zukan and were later joined in the dialogue by composer Hara Alonso and our neighbours from the Museo de la Siderurgia y la Minería de Castilla y León. The geological, historical, social and architectural layers began to emerge as we listened around this construction, like a loudspeaker emitting latent frequencies.

The livestock farming past of the Sabero Valley can be heard through the windows of the Engine Room. A call that blurs time, that blurs the before and after of mining. We explore the corners of the machinery with our hands and project an irregular echo: another reading of the surface, another way of looking.

We think together about what this place can tell us today and what role it plays in the reformulation of the imaginaries linked to the rural environment, to the mountains of León, to mining.


SEQUENCES is a cycle of sound interventions in space.

Curated by: Sound and Listening Area FCAYC


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