Sequences I & II

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5 September, 2020


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Sequences I & II

5 September, 2020

Saturday, September 5



SEQUENCE: Succession of things that are related to each other. Independent compositions that arise from experimentation on existing pieces. Set of operations ordered in such a way that each one is determined by the previous ones. Each of the parts played by a sequencer.

Next September 5, we inaugurate a new programm in our line of research on Sound: “Sequences” are sound interventions in space, in which FCAYC will invite different musicians and sound artists to make site-specific compositions that sound in particular places and interact with their spatial elements. Artists will investigate, with their own tools, how to sound in _and with_ a given space.

We are starting with:


Sequence I, by Nacho Román, sound artist in the field of experimental electronics, field recordings and ambient. He will use sounds and images collected in the north meadow of the Foundation building, where the intervention will take place, working with the sound and visual manipulation of these records.


Sequence II proposes a dialogue between the rapper, producer, sound artist and experimental electronic / electroacoustic musician, Genzo P. and the hall of the Foundation’s facilities.


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