Summer sky: Perseids

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8 August, 2019
10 pm

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Summer sky: Perseids

8 August, 2019

Summer sky gives us a unique opportunity in the year for observation. We will learn how to distinguish stars, planets, shooting stars, artificial satellites, airplanes… We will point with a laser in the sky the varius constellations that can be seen easily in the summer skies and we will learn their mythological origin. If we are lucky we will be able to see some shooting stars (Perseids). If you have a telescope and want to learn how to use it, join the workshop on the 7th.

Run by: José Vicente Casado and Ana Mª Ordoñez Lanza

José Vicente Casado has been linked to Geology, Paleontology and Astronomy since he was a child. This, he has recovered thousands of fossils and minerals. He has developed an inventory of every interesting site regarding its mineralogical and palaentological relevance in León. He has participated in the elaboration of contents for many science museums in Erupe, USA and Japan.

Ana Mª Ordoñez Lanza is fond of the search and collection of minerals, fossils and meteorites along with José Vivente Casado for years.

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