A Week in Prehistory II

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6 July, 2015 - 10 July, 2015
6TH - 10TH JULY 11 TO 14 PM 6 TO 10 YEARS OLD

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A Week in Prehistory II

6 July, 2015 - 10 July, 2015

Run by Jose Aurelio García Munúa.

During the second edition of “One week in Prehistory”, we will focus in the habitat and daily life during this period. We will build a cabin with woods and leather, similar to those at Pincevent and then we will make other structures for the daily duties of the camp: a stretcher to work with leather, a fireplace, etc. Also, we will create wood harpoons copying the real ones, made of deer antlers, and we will try to fish in the river. As a farewell, we will make Palaeolithic musical instruments and write a prehistoric song.

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