The Sounds of the Rural School

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Los sonidos de la escuela rural - FCAYC y CRA Porma
1 October, 2018 - 21 June, 2019

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The Sounds of the Rural School

1 October, 2018 - 21 June, 2019

From Active Listening to Collective Creation

Project Abstract

The Sounds of the Rural School. From Active Listening to Collective Creation arises from the collaboration between the Fundación Cerezales Antonino and Cinia and the Rural Grouped School “CRA Ribera del Porma”. This project aims to stimulate learning and sound experimentation through the residence in the CRA of the musician and pedagogue Luis Martínez Campo in collaboration with the pianist and composer Hara Alonso and Juventudes Musicales de León. Starting from a local perspective, the project seeks to experiment with the sound from the experience, putting emphasis on the processes of collective creation and relating them to core subjects through three key concepts: soundscape, orality and sound recording. From a listening and collaborative attitude, the process is guided by three questions: How do we sound? How does our environment sound? How does the world sound?

Co-funded by Foundation Daniel & Nina Carasso (the project was selected in the 2017 CLAVES call), the project will be developed over three years, during school hours, involving CRA students, their families and the teaching staff.


Follow the whole process in the project blog and social networks with the hashtag #SonidosDeLaEscuela.


  • To promote the local perspective, looking for the relevance of the local space in front of the global imaginary. The aim is to awaken in students an approach based on self-esteem and constructive criticism towards everyday experiences and their relationship with the medium in which they are expressed. The revaluation of the self and the near to, from there, accede to the global.
  • Address music and sound from interdisciplinarity, using the contents of the school core subjects to reach the sound creation. Abandon the fragmentation of knowledge in hermetic disciplines and create knowledge from experience and participation, holistically and comprehensively. Use the previous knowledge of the students for the introduction of the creative musical experience as a component of the culture of which they are a part.
  • Focus on the musical practice from the improvisation towards the development of processes and not towards the achievement of products. Also, we want to enhance the practice of improvisation as a public space (in which all participate) of collective communication.
  • Develop the empowerment of students, stimulating confidence in their own creative and management skills within the group, and thus encourage students to find their own solutions to problems, and even ask their own questions.




The project is structured around three annual actions that reflect the path from local to global:

  1. Residence. For nine months a year, Luis Martínez Campo will join the CRA in a teaching-learning process in which the main subjects (Mathematics, Grammar, Natural and Social Sciences) will be related to the creation and sound experimentation from a holistic point of view. Starting from the voice and the body, the environment and the landscape will be explored from listening to arrive at the collective creation. Active listening, improvisation and collective reflection will be promoted.
  2. Immersion workshop. It is conceived as a space in which some of the practices developed during the residence will crystallize. At the end of each course, for two weeks, a concert-show will be prepared by Hara Alonso, with works written specifically by the composer that will be based on the experiences and experiences in the classrooms. They will be composed for an ensemble formed by the students of the CRA and the musicians of Juventudes Musicales de León, JJMM León (Musical Youth of León).
  3. Collaboration with JJMM León. This association brings together dozens of young musicians who are studing or have already completed their studies. The collaboration is proposed through the visit of musicians as participants in the classrooms and the formation of the ensemble in the immersion workshop.



Luis Martínez is a teacher, musicologist and percussionist, with extensive experience in music pedagogy. He has conducted workshops in which he relates music with other arts (especially  performing arts) with children, adolescents and young students, as well as other multidisciplinary projects linked to education. He currently combines his teaching activity with the interpretation and creation of theatrical sound spaces.

Hara Alonso is a pianist and composer. She combines her work as a concert artist and pedagogue in the field of contemporary creation. She has carried out educational projects related to the teaching of improvisation and new technologies in conservatories and music schools in Spain and abroad, as well as multimedia projects for citizen participation.

Juventudes Musicales de León started its activities in 1998 and in 1999 it signed a Collaboration Agreement with the University of León. Currently has an orchestra, a music band, and two choirs, and it coordinates the concert cycles of winners of the Permanent Musical Youth Competition of Spain.

Nadia Teixeira is responsible for the area of ​​Education and Public Programs of the FCAYC. Her training has been linked to the History of Art and Art Education. She is responsible for the cultural mediation and the general coordination of the project.

María José Pavía is a specialist teacher in Therapeutic Pedagogy, tutor of the Primary group of the school of Santa Olaja de la Ribera. She is one of those responsible for the coordination of the project at C.R.A. Ribera del Porma.

Isabel Alonso is a primary school teacher in the bilingual section and director of C.R.A. Ribera del Porma. She is one of those responsible for the coordination of the project at C.R.A. Ribera del Porma.

Jaime Martínez is president of the Parents Association of the C.R.A. Ribera del Porma. He will be the representative and coordinator of the spaces in which the association participates.


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