Todos sus patitos

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14 August, 2020


Type of audience: Infant / Youth


Cultura contemporánea

Todos sus patitos

14 August, 2020

Family-oriented theatre play, especially for young children. It is based in the text by Christian Duda and Julia Friese and published by Editorial Lóguez.

“This tale is about Konrad, the fox, and a yet nameless chick-inside-an-egg who is under a duck’s tummy who was at a lakeshore in the forest. This is how they both met…”.

It may seem this is one of these tales where foe species overcome their differences. However, Todos sus patitos goes beyond. It tells about human relationships, about the need to be close to each other. It tells about the cycle of life, from birth to death, passing through learning, loving, father/motherhood… 

There are many reasons why Konrad shouldn’t eat Lorenz.

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