“Vulgarcito” La Chana Teatro

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13 August, 2021


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Cultura contemporánea

“Vulgarcito” La Chana Teatro

13 August, 2021



Once upon a time, there was a sad princess

who lived in a sad kingdom.

The kingdom was sad

because the princess was sad.

From her sad window

she could see a sad sea

and a sad little village,

the last village in the sad kingdom.

Among its sad little houses

she highlighted one that was exceptionally sad,

with a sad wardrobe, a sad table and a sad bed

in which a child named Vulgarcito slept.

He was neither sad nor bossy, he was bum.

And with or without bread, his name was Juan.

In a rhyming, articulate, rounded, straight and inclined way like a laugh we are presented with the life of a poor boy who lives in a sad kingdom.

It is a very free dramatization, with objects, of the famous tale Epaminondas. On a table, the manipulator creates a world of objects and puppets through which he tells the adventures that Vulgarcito, our protagonist, suffers in the different jobs that he goes through.


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