Weavers: from the maxi-loom to the maxi-embroidery

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22 July, 2019 - 26 July, 2019
4 to 7 pm

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Type of audience: Infant / Youth

Age: 6 to 12 years old

Educación y Programas Públicos


Weavers: from the maxi-loom to the maxi-embroidery

22 July, 2019 - 26 July, 2019

The art of weaving is one of the oldest known craft activities and, although our region has a huge wool tradition, its practice initially requires an approach to tools, materials and techniques with which we are no longer familiar.

In this workshop we propose a textile route, based on the game and the enjoyment of ‘learning by doing’, through the observation of our environment and the practice with natural and recycled materials, for which no prior knowledge is required. Weaver from 6 to 12 years old, with zero weaving level required, go ahead and come to build a mini-loom and weave a maxi-embroidery with us!

Run by: Luz Santos Rodero.
Luz Santos Rodero. In its etymological root, “text” means weaving, but also writing, composing, building. In this conjunction between books and warps, Luz investigates writing models, in which point by point, patterns are revealed with particular forms of knowledge.

www.lasantonias.com // www.cuadernodelcopiloto.com

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