The wind is already written. Project of writing and voice in the nature

The wind is already written is a project of creating poetics in the nature, developed over a year, which puts into action writing and voice, to convey the experience that the author has about the world. For this, it has been already added  existing aspects from his previous work, such as the presence of climatic elements, wind or rain, and other physical types such as stars, rivers, the sea, trees or paths. All of them in dialogue with their feelings through the solitary journeys in which nature and the sensitivity of the poet have exchanged messages. The result is a collection of writings, drawings, photographs, videos and recordings of his voice. Sometimes it is the wind and sometimes it is the sound of water passing the river, which has the shape of a book but is much more: the register of how an contemporary poet has lived the landscape in full solitude.

Jorge Pascual (León 1981) is an actor who has two previously published poem books, Morir de viento (Leteo 2001 and Manual de Ultramarinos 2015) and Caminando las nubes descalzas (Eolas, 2016). He received an honorable mention in the Eugenio de Nora national poetry prize. Likewise, he has participated in numerous poetic anthologies, and he has collaborated in various cultural magazines such as Entrelíneas or Tel-Aviv. In his role as an actor, he has performed improvisational and free-jazz performances and has interpreted Life Monologues, an adaptation by himself of a work by Michael Houellebecq. He has also performed in places as notable as the Tabakalera Contemporary Culture Center in San Sebastian or in the Occupy Festival in Portugal. 

Ediciones Menguantes with the support of the Fundación Cerezales Antonino y Cinia

Advisor: Bruno Marcos

Sound: Luis Martínez Campo

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