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13 January, 2020
Convenio con CIUDEN
25 May, 2020

Distance-learning activities in May and June.

After the temporary closure and postponement of all its programming, FCAYC has been studying the best way to develop an agenda of activities, with the quality of prototypes, adapted to new circumstances. The aim is to allow a relationships with our participants and continue in our usual lines of research.

Under the title “Entretiempo”, we present a program framed in some of our already established cycles: Herbarium, Mycology and Early Birds. It will consist of online theoretical sessions and practical work and is aimed at adults, although if they wish they can register with the people they live with, including minors, to participate in all or some of the activities. Registrations are free through this website from May 14.

With the collaboration of experts in each subject, FCAYC proposes to continue its cycles around plants, birds and mycology, through videoconferences, walks and practice at home (flower pressing, field notebooks or cultivation of mushrooms).


This program has been designed after preparing a questionnaire to find out the preferences, circumstances or technical knowledge in digital tools of regular FCAYC participants when carrying out activities in the new situation, which has served as a model for other institutions and which will be updated at every phase change. All the programmed activities have the quality of being prototypes towards a new relationship between the institution and its public and will be submitted to the evaluation of its participants in order to improve with regard to the programming of the following seasons.

FCAYC has also endeavored to avoid accessibility problems and presents it in the simplest possible way. All the necessary information and help will be provided so that anyone can participate, regardless of their technological knowledge.


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