Among FCAYC’s working lines there a featured one, which is specifically linked with ethnoeducation. This term describes a way of doing in relation with the territory, based on a pedagogy that is oriented to the creation of wide and sustainable itineraries: Locate agents and projects within FCAYC’s geographic or conceptual environment, and support them through educational programmes, funding or communication to the public; respect and update those socioeconomic or environmental activities and cycles that are vital for the region’s cohesion; promote the investigation and innovation in sectors such as agriculture, cattle industry, sustainable tourism or new technologies applied to rural areas; serve as a channel or advisor for public assistance in FCAYC’s role of agent for territorial development; or promote inclusion of the most fragile social groups such as women or youth.

Ethnoeducation programme is FCAYC’s firm commitment in favour of rural area’s present and future, for the preservation of its values and for its updating as a warranty for its viability from a demographic and socio-economic point of view.

Research and innovation activities in this programme aim to be replicated in other locations and adjusted to different contexts.

The team linked to this programme count with environmentalists and specialist in culture, technological inclusion or economy. It seeks advice in a growing network of agents and institutions, both public and private, like: University of León. Acción para el Cambio, CITA_Centro Internacional de Tecnologías Avanzadas, Foundation Germán Sánchez-Ruipérez, the local action group Montañas de Riaño…

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