Projects in community

The Foundation proposes long-term programs with groups, with the intention of functioning as a propeller of an experience-based learning, facilitating the construction of knowledge through contemporary art and making contact with nature, through the completion of continuous sessions that facilitate a new way of personal development and expression for people.

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Collaboration with ASPRONA LEÓN

Since 2013 the Foundation collaborates with day care Center “Nuestra Señora del Camino” of ASPRONA. The ongoing program that is developed is aimed at a group of people severely affected by intellectual disabilities. The program is developed every two weeks in the space of the FCAYC. All activities are adapted to both the interests of the group and their physical and mental abilities.

La tierra en sus manos - Colaboración con ASPRONA - Fundación Cerezales from Fundación Cerezales on Vimeo.

Los sonidos de la escuela rural - FCAYC y CRA Porma
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The Sounds of the Rural School

The Sounds of the Rural School. From Active Listening to Collective Creation arises from the collaboration between the Fundación Cerezales Antonino and Cinia and the Rural Grouped School “CRA Ribera del Porma”. This project aims to stimulate learning and sound experimentation through the residence in the CRA of the musician and pedagogue Luis Martínez Campo in collaboration with the pianist and composer Hara Alonso and Juventudes Musicales de León. Starting from a local perspective, the project seeks to experiment with the sound from the experience, putting emphasis on the processes of collective creation and relating them to core subjects through three key concepts: soundscape, orality and sound recording. From a listening and collaborative attitude, the process is guided by three questions: How do we sound? How does our environment sound? How does the world sound? Co-funded by Foundation Daniel & Nina Carasso (the project was selected in the 2017 CLAVES call), the project will be developed over three years, during school hours, involving CRA students, their families and the teaching staff.
24 Verdades_3_Vegas_2 – Fundacion Cerezales
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24 Truths

Also as part of our collaboration with the Rural Grouped School “CRA Ribera del Porma”, in 2017, we developed a second experience on audiovisual learning with filmmaker Ismael Aveleira and FCAYC’s Educational Department. After last year’s “The Pillow Cinema”, this workshop gives continuity and normalizes the teaching of cinema and audiovisual literacy in school. It consolidates and extends knowledge through the practicing of a new exercise. The workshop was developed in school hours, during 4 sessions in each of the 4 centers that forms the Primary School, with its first to sixth year students.
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The Pillow Cinema

This educational project is framed in the anual collaborations between FCAYC and the schools of the Rural Grouped School “CRA Ribera del Porma”. During the school year 2015-2016 we proposed to approach visual culture through cinema. The schools are located in four different villages: Vegas del Condado, Santibáñez de Porma, Santa Olaja de la Ribera y Villaturiel. They are public centers for Pre-school and Primary education. “The Pillow Cinema” is an educational project aimed to make an approach in the first years of Primary Education.

Collaboration with ALAC

From 2017 and after many meetings to help us understand each other, we began to work with the local association of people with high intellectual capacieties (ALAC). We hold and support one of their activities in our center: “Culture thieves” a group of young people and their families looking at the development of technological applications in a collaborative and horizontal way.

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