NUDO/KNOT Call for artists and researchers

Visitas dialogadas a la exposición actual
5 August, 2021
Resolución NUDO/KNOT ’21
26 October, 2021

The Cerezales Antonino y Cinia Foundation (FCAYC) and the Leonés Institute of Culture of the Provincial Council (ILC) are accepting projects for a 9-month program of stays at FCAYC, aimed at those who research and create with an ecological, transversal, and hybrid vision, beginning August 11 and ending September 28.


This call, known as NUDO / KNOT, is the product of a collaboration agreement agreed by both institutions in January to promote creation and research projects related to the area in a coordinated and effective manner.

The approved bases envisage a funding of 6,000 euros for individuals or teams selected to carry out the object of their inquiry over a nine-month period.

This assistance is meant to cover fees and production costs, as well as providing applicants with access to the Fundación Cerezales Antonino y Cinia’s workplaces and infrastructure.

Projects must be linked to the theme proposed by the team accompanying the call in each edition, made up of FCAYC staff. The first stay, with a project reception period from August 11 to September 28, 2021 at 2:00 p.m., has “the soil” as its thematic purpose. This issue should be tackled from a variety of perspectives or disciplines, bearing in mind FCAYC’s areas of interest, study, and action: culture and art, sound and listening, and ethnoeducation.

Projects may be formulated taking into account heterogeneous practices that could be connected, but not necessarily, with one or more disciplines such as art, music, literature, philosophy, linguistics, history, anthropology, economics, law, sociology, journalism (or any other of the so-called social sciences), cinema, novels, psychoanalysis, dancing, video games, drawing; physics, biology, chemistry, geology (or any other of the so-called experimental sciences), photography, theater, architecture, design, gastronomy, computing, non-regulated knowledge, etc.

Among the evaluation criteria will be the situated and contextualized nature of the proposal in the Leonese rural environment; the links with the main lines of investigation of FCAYC; the relationship between different fields of knowledge or the adequate structure and methodology of the project.

With funding of 6,000 euros to be distributed between production and fees, in addition to accommodation and living expenses, the program is aimed at any person or group who is able to deliver invoices, regardless of their place of origin or residence.

The project will also have other resources related to technical assistance in coordination, communication, administrative or sound issues and assembly, as well as the temporary session of the rehearsal rooms, auditorium and other infrastructure of the Foundation.


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