Antefutures 2021

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Antefutures 2021

FCAYC’s summer agenda

One more year, the Foundation presents its summer agenda: a programme designed so that all audiences can enjoy culture free of charge and, whenever possible, in the open air.

We will be holding the second edition of TROPOS, a performing arts and sound festival, with performances on weekends in August. Access will be controlled by invitation and these will be available on the Monday before each activity, from 10:00. La Chana Teatro, caja baja, Magalí Sare or Baiuca are some of the names that will play on the Foundation’s outdoors stage.

To have access to the workshops, it will be necessary to apply for a sit. The application form for each workshop can be accessed through the workshop information page. Submitting this form does not guarantee a sit, as the entry requirements must be validated by FCAYC’s staff. Within 72 hours after applying, applicants will receive an email with the status of their request: accepted, rejected (because they do not meet the age criteria) or on the reserve list (because there are no places left).


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ARTtítere is FCAYC's Puppet Theatre Festival and it is developed every summer during Encerezados.
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Summer Workshops

Education in contemporary culture, sound and ethno-education for adults and children from 3 years old


VIII edition of FCAYC's jazz festival. Four groups of the jazz scene will be protagonists of Saturday nights in August.

More activities

Concerts, trips, exhibitions and encounters happening in July and August