Encerezados 2017

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Encerezados 2017

Encerezados is a frame for FCAYC’s project of cultural and didactic activities during the summer. Encerezados is a skein for different ways of thinking, creating and participating… Encerezados is the cultural meeting point in the region. Encerezados is a way to enjoy learning. Encerezados is the work and collaboration of many people pulling in the same direction. Encerezados is this Foundation’s exicetement about consolidating a cultural project.
Within Encerezados there are other series of activities.

This year we suggest 34 activities: 19 workshops aimed at different ages from 3 years old to adults; 5 concerts, 4 puppet shows, a trip to Lisboa, an orienteering race, an activity to watch the sky and the premiere of FCAYC’s permanent theatre group.

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ARTtítere is FCAYC's Puppet Theatre Festival and it is developed every summer during Encerezados.

Summer Workshops

Education in contemporary culture, sound and ethno-education for adults and children from 3 years old


VIII edition of FCAYC's jazz festival. Four groups of the jazz scene will be protagonists of Saturday nights in August.

More activities

Concerts, trips, exhibitions and encounters happening in July and August