Encerezados 2019


Encerezados 2019

During Encerezados 2019 we cellebrate 11 summers sharing together,  with the help of the best experts, activities for all audiences and free to everyone. The best music, the best puppet shows and a selection of workshops for adults, teenagers and children from 3 years old to delve into aspects FCAYC has as a standard: art, creativity, self-expression, cinema, coding, science, knowledge for the environment respect, common knowledge, cohabitation between humans and no-humans, photography, stars and much more.

Here you can see all the program and ask for a sit in the workshops.

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ARTtítere is FCAYC's Puppet Theatre Festival and it is developed every summer during Encerezados.
Taller Fotografia principiantes – Amando Casado – Encerezados 18 – FCAYC

Summer Workshops

Education in contemporary culture, sound and ethno-education for adults and children from 3 years old


VIII edition of FCAYC's jazz festival. Four groups of the jazz scene will be protagonists of Saturday nights in August.

More activities

Concerts, trips, exhibitions and encounters happening in July and August