Mycology Autumn 2014

Otoño Micologico 2014

Mycology Autumn 2014

Mycological Mondays are back, this time with a different format.

This fall, the conferences will be at an advanced level and those who have already participated in other editions of this cycle of the Foundation will be given preference. Other people may register, as long as there are places available and they have prior knowledge of mycology.

The program includes a field trip to collect mushrooms and three theoretical sessions of two hours. It is guided by Arsenio Terrón, PhD. in Biological Sciences and specialist in fungi, on which he has been researching for 25 years.


Field trip:
Wednesday, November 5
From 16.00 to 20.00
Trip through the forest formations of Cerezales del Condado to collect and recognize mushrooms.

Theoretical sessions:
November 18-20
From 18.30 to 20.30
Learn about autumn mushrooms
Identification of fungi with codes and monographs. Use of magnifying glasses, microscope and differential staining.

With the collaboration of the Green Office of the University of León.






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