Upcoming Activities

14 May, 2022

Sequence V: Trio Zukan, Hara Alonso and the Engine Room of Sahelices de Sabero

One of the first places that came to mind when we started thinking about SEQUENCES was the machine room of […]
16 April, 2022

Trio Fortuny

Songs without words Trio with piano 19:00 FCAYC Auditorium   Joel Bardolet, violin Pau Codina, cello Marc Heredia, piano   […]
9 April, 2022


Medieval music ensemble Ad Loca Sancta   Lucía Martín-Mestro Verbo, voice, percussion and direction Fabiana Sans Arcílagos, voice, percussion and […]
3 April, 2022

Caire Reed Quintet

Wind Quintet 12:30 FCAYC Auditorium Carolina Guiducci, clarinet Adrián Vilaboa, saxophone Pedro Jiménez, oboe Celia Matamoro, bassoon Alberto García, bass […]