Upcoming Activities

27 July, 2019

Crudo Pimento

The artist, producer and luthier, Raúl Frutos, also known as Captain Beefheart de la Huerta del Segura, together with the […]
10 November, 2018
Los Sonidos de la Escuela Rural - Concierto - FCAYC

Concert: The sounds of the rural school

The sounds of the rural school will sound this saturday at the Ángel Barja Auditorium in León 10th november 2018 […]
1 September, 2018

Concert: Blue Moon Marquee

Voice and guitar: A.W. Cardinal Double bass and drums: Jasmine Colette aka Badlands Jazz Blue Moon Marquee are a duo […]
25 August, 2018

Concert: MAP

Piano: Marco Mezquida Alto sax: Ernesto Aurignac Drums: Ramon Prats MAP is a name with no ties to place or […]