Upcoming Activities

31 July, 2015

Compañía: Marimba (España): Qui y Jote en la Isla de los Piratas

In a funny, easy and plastic way, this play takes public of all ages into the imaginative universe of Don […]
29 August, 2014

Company: Xarop Teatre (Spain – Colombia): “The Missing Hearts Lighthouse”

Playwriting: Carles Benlliure (based on the tale by Celia Santos)Director: Rebeca Castro   A man, a young girl, a lighthouse, […]
22 August, 2014

Company: Teatro Mutis (Segovia): “The Phantom Scarecrow”

Author and director: Carlos HernándezPuppeteers: Paloma Hernández; Raúl Marcos; Fernando Cárbada   A beat-up farm with most diverse and disturbing […]
15 August, 2014

Company: Trompicallo (A Coruña): “Jiñol”

Script: TrompicalloDirector: Beatriz SánchezPuppeteers: Marian González and Luis GonzálezMusic: Nacho Sanz and Carlos Canto Jiñol, Rosalia, Mr. Bulú and the […]