Upcoming Activities

23 April, 2023

Nesting in the gesture: Alberto’s shelves

The starting point is a gesture: The sculptor Alberto Sánchez (Toledo, 1895 – Moscow, 1962) made it in Paris between […]
14 August, 2022

Em bruto: relações comoventes

Fernanda Fragateiro Em bruto: relações comoventes is the product of a two-year conversation between FCAYC’s Curatorial Department and the Portuguese […]
24 April, 2022

What Can Be Seen From Here

The capacity of artistic processes and artworks to maintain over time their power to transform society draws on the educational […]
16 January, 2022

Walking Voices

An image: the large nave in the Fundación Cerezales exhibition hall, with the two huge triangles on each side, pointing […]