23 February, 2018

Season of film screenings : “Other Regions of the World” & “Return to Región”

A considerable number both of feature films and documentaries have dealt with the regulation of the flow of rivers through […]
16 July, 2016

Premiere: La voz del concejo

La voz del concejo Un documental de Bambara Zinema, Laboratorio Bambara y A.C. Faceira. Con la Colaboración de Confederación Española […]
21 December, 2013

“Concejo de vecinos: History of traditional town meetings”

Nicolás Bartolomé (Presidente of Faceira Cultural Asociation) and Laureano M. Rubio Pérez, professor of Modern History at León University. Seminar: […]
9 November, 2013

“Our daily poison”

Dr. Fernando González Andrés Became a PhD Agronomist at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and works as professor in the area […]