Upcoming Activities

23 July, 2018
Taller Junio a pájaros - Encerezados 2018 - FCAYC

Early Birds

11 am to 2 pm Ornithology is an ideal science to introduce children to the healthy and exciting world of […]
23 July, 2018

Micronesia. A Place to Hold Us

4 to 7 pm Micronesia is a performance workshop that is done with strings… or on a string… or over […]
19 July, 2018

We camp! 2018

VI edition of “Back to the past”. Outstanding Swedish archaeologist, Dr Svensson is back. At the operations’ camp, participants will […]
16 July, 2018
INICIA I Espantapájaros - Encerezados - FCAYC

Inicia I: Scarecrow (’18)

To obtain an excellent harvest, a good scarecrow is essential, since it protects all the vegetables in the garden. Also, […]