Upcoming Activities

16 July, 2018
INICIA I Espantapájaros - Encerezados - FCAYC

Inicia I: Scarecrow (’18)

To obtain an excellent harvest, a good scarecrow is essential, since it protects all the vegetables in the garden. Also, […]
9 July, 2018

Workshop: Landscape cartography

ARTIST’S WORKSHOP Adults The origin of humans and their expansion in the territory has been inscribed in a large temporal […]
9 July, 2018

Discovering, playing and building

11 am to 2 pm Ages: 6 – 13 with an adult The idea of ​​this workshop is to put […]
2 October, 2017

The Sounds of the Rural School I (2017/18)

The first school year for “The sounds of the rural school” (2017-2018) began by posing a set of questions that […]