Upcoming Activities

4 July, 2016

A week in Prehistory

Run by José Aurelio García Munúa. Discover how societies used to live in caves through different prehistoric technics: Create a […]
26 May, 2016

Stretching Seams

Run by Sonia Navarro. In her work, Sonia Navarro uses materials (threads, needles and fabrics) that are linked to women […]
3 May, 2016

INICIA 2015.

Talleres didácticos para niños de 3 a 5 años. Inicia I. 6th – 8th July (6 to 7.30 pm)The ScarecrowLike […]
4 February, 2016

The Pillow Cinema – C.R.A. Porma 2016

A new collaborative period with the rural grouped schools in our area has begun. We work together each year, but […]